Thursday, September 18, 2014

what does your data capacity say about you?

How much data, is too much data? I know the answer to how much too little data is and that is a measly 500MB.

I recently switch phone providers after I felt Rogers was extorting me for what I was getting the bare minimum at a soaring cost. I spent an hour of my precious time at cancelation and they offered me nothing. Okay, they offered me something, but I deferred it. Did I feel entitled to some benefit after four years, sure. I paid my phone bill on time. It was that simple. I cancelled.


My new phone plan has voice mail. I have never had a phone with voicemail before and I felt like I was in the future where Miley Cyrus quit singing and solely focused on her Dirty Hippie jewelry. My first message was from my roommate telling me inappropriate things. I learned she doesn't speak Spanish.

While I am reaping the benefits of voicemail, Canada-wide calling and the arbitrary coupons here and there, my data is miniscule. If you're ordering the large combo, I am getting the kids meal. The exchange of currency-to-features is fair, I mean, I could definitely use more data, but I'm learning to budget accordingly. The aforementioned 500MB lasted me about 20 days and I am relying on wifi where available. I'm not an important person so I'm not expecting e-mails every hour. Although, I am a little withdrawn from not opening those American Apparel mass e-mails every day.

500MB of data is for pragmatic people, like me. The FOMO's are looking at 3GB plus who are committed to editing their life via social media.

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