Tuesday, September 2, 2014

zara does more than shearling

We are currently in a post-labour day mood and that means recovering from last night's debauchery. While some people have obligations to attend, I am at home on this fucking monsoon of a day painting wood. I'm prepping my mental state for fall and curating a mental closet because a physical collection of all the pieces I want will place me in debt.

Zara's new fall campaign has me aroused for a variety of reasons. Let me tell you, people. My trend-forecasting skills, beginning with shearling making a monumental return is on par with what I have been predicting since this summer. Burberry abused its shearling powers back in the fall of 2010 by shearling anything Christoper Bailey could get his hands on. All I need this season is a shearling coat, perhaps of the denim variety via Lykke Li's No Rest For The Wicked music video or the one I championed from the Louis W for A.P.C. collection.

Another historical, if not profound moment, in my eyes anyway, is that while yes, shearling is making a resurgence, there is a minority co-fronting their campaign. Fashion has always been a little white-washed and fast-fashion chain Zara is sending a positive message by using Japanese model Daisuke Ueda. His pedigree includes: walking Hermes s/s 15, perpetual face for Uniqlo, graced the cover of Manifesto and many more, respectively.

While the Asian community is barely visible in mainstream media, especially television and movies, this ad is enough to want me walking into Zara looking for a shearling coat to accompany these mom jeans I found at H&M.

I have this friend who likes to create a spectacle when an Asian person graces anything in the media. Duh! It's like seeing Big Foot in person.

Photos: Zara

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