Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ezra koenig: singer of songs and man of sweaters

Since its evidently sweater week here on Pacific Row and with the weather being conducive to the aforementioned knitwear -- why not look to none other than swooning lead singer of Vampire Weekend and professional sweater wearer Ezra Koenig for style advice. Somewhere in the previous sentence could have used a period, or a semi-colon. 

My true love, though, goes to guitarist, keyboarder, singer, songwriter and all around cool person Rostam Batmanglij. All that and because his sexual orientation is skewed to be interested in my anatomy. But today, it's all about Koenig and his affinity for knitwear.

Let's begin.

Exhibit A. is a rather professional photo, one you would only see with his band members, but it speaks to his pragmatic approach to dressing. Shirt, layer with a sweater, part hair, exude stoic. The black is rather brooding and deviates a little from his personal style, but that 4th of July watch adds that Americana touch.

Exhibit B. is Koenig in his Colombia days (I can't confirm that) as an English major looking all cool and shit avoiding those frat parties. It reads more east coast (like, real, real east coast) attire. I should say Cape Cod, but fuck you this is Canada and I'm going with Halifax.

Exhibit C. is Koenig's final and most important look. It's still his collegiate look (but, aren't they all collegiateeeee?), but he's propositioning courtship with dogs emblazoned all over that subtle fluorescent sweater. There's a pop of blue from the collar, his hair has yet to be defined and his right hand is firmly placed over his chest confirming that Ezra was well fed.

What's important to leave from this post is that Ezra Koenig will always be much, much cooler than me, you and any manufactured pop star on Billboard's Top 100 list.

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