Tuesday, November 25, 2014

if you're going to wear white

If there's one thing I truly, undeniably don't believe in, it's parties where I'm coerced into a certain dress code. The exception to this is Halloween. This weekend, for $142.20 + surcharges, you can get access to copious amount of shitty fucking beers and inebriated alpha bros at Bud Light's Sterilization Sensation.

If you're going to attend and I hope you don't, at least apply white appropriately.

The rules are pragmatic and as such, you shouldn't fuck this up. It works like velcro shoes, if you can't manage the task of securing said velcro, then I am sorry and there are no refunds and you are a dumb ass. Sure, you can pick a white tee, with white pants, with white sneakers. But, what about a white leather vest over a white crew neck tee, paired with ribbed skinny (or slim) white jeans and finish off with a pair of Golden Goose sneakers.


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