Tuesday, November 4, 2014

new banner, same shit

Surely, you can understand my absence as of late. I was busy planning the now world famous local celebrity Jian Ghomeshi Halloween costume only to realize that, that Ghomeshi costume was not as original as I thought. It permeated social media rather quick during and post-Halloween. There's a thing called regram? I am at lost with my generation.

Instead, I went with an even more original costume: Waldo. You can't fuck around with a classic.

I have been dabbling in the dark arts of Photoshop and I gave birth to this banner today (see: above). It only took about an hour and a half in labour and editing was a breeze. I am truly proud of this banner like a father is proud of his first born child.

You can finally start calling my blog by its true form: Pacific Row. Not Pacific Crow, as many of you have probably been obsessively wondering. Or, my neurotic tendencies were obsessively wondering for you. Ultimately, this is about branding. Getting to the real shit about what this blog is about: what it means to be male, fashion, the sadness of climate change and whether or not you should attend that dumb ass Gentlemen's Expo (coming soon, probably this week, I don't really know).


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