Monday, December 29, 2014

fuck andrew christian

Have you made your New Years plans yet? No? Well, I have and let me elaborate further. I'm staying home watching porn with a bottle of wine because fuck life. Or, instead of porn, what about the equivalent of porn, an Andrew Christian video.

What or who is Andrew Christian?

Andrew Christian is an underwear brand designed by guess who: Andrew Christian. Underwear is underwear, but the ethos behind it is problematic. It is an underwear brand targeted to gay men with unrealistic body types produced to be porn-esque. These are guys with large biceps, 6 pack abs and just enough jewels that their masc is still in tact. These guys are predominately white.

This New Years video, though, includes Asian men because of the collaboration with Zank, Grindr equivalent in China.


So homogenous.

I don't even get to touch other men. I only get to dance by myself showing off cool abs and stuff. Only white people get to touch and make out with each other. Only in the apex do I get to caress other men in an orgy.

Happy Fucking New Years.

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