Saturday, December 6, 2014

lykke li covers drake because lykke li

Lykke Li covers Drake and the world continues to rotate. News broke out about this cover about a month ago, but here at Pacific Row where social media is non-existent like aliens in outer space(they're out there, though), this is all new shit to me.

Melancholic Swedish delight Lykke Li covers Drake's Hold On We're Going Home in what is probably the best cover in 2014. Li first debuted the track in London at Albert Hall in typical Li fashion. She cloaks Drake's song in her aesthetic as if it was originally her own, giving it a more lets play this song to cutting our wrists than out in da club.

Just to galvanize things further, Li uploaded a more intimate acoustic cover in a room with a man at the 50 second mark who puts his boots on. That was probably scripted, I don't know. He later proceeds to tighten up his boots because that's just what you do in the middle of covers.

Links: acoustic, non-acoustic and a S Club 7 reuinion you didn't know existed.

Beautiful artwork by yours truly.

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