Thursday, December 18, 2014

making informed decisions about brands, not life

An article released a few days ago on Business of Fashion propositions the question if we, the male population with disposable income to fuck around with, are willing to open our wallets to brands with its foundation in women's ready-to-wear or accessories.

Many brands and designers have jumped the bandwagon to a men's market with huge buying power. I recently purchased an americano and tipped generously, so yes, I have money and you want my hard earned dollars. But what are you willing to offer me that no other brands or designers can?

The article discusses brands like Michael Kors and Tory Burch tapping into this multi-million dollar market that's continuing to soar. But what they're concerned with is that these names are often associated with femininity. Men are cautious because masculinity is at stake and are highly sensitive to brands they associate themselves with. Michael Kors is synonymous with his gold watches that is coveted by every basic out there. Tory Burch is not my design aesthetic, kinda generic, but if she went the Kate Spade turned Jack Spade for men's sake route and sold as just Burch or maybe T. Burch Pour Homme Give Me Money and they have the marketing to back it up, then, I guess.

The general male population doesn't read BOF or Men's Fashion of The New York Times and their only informed decision making will be based on the brand themselves and the best secret of all: trusted testimonials from other bros. 

Photo: Alexander Wang Fall 2014

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