Saturday, December 20, 2014

our relationship with totes, the bag

Today, while you are out and about this afternoon shopping on the high street in your metropolitan, see, if you can spot men carrying canvas tote bags. He is elusive and holds many things that require more than a few pockets.

Not all men would carry a canvas bag. He is secure with his sexuality. He is most likely gay. He is gay.

They're kind of a niche crowd. They live west of Bathurst or East of the DVP because Leslieville is having a renaissance. They're sipping coffee from R2 or Cafe Pamenar while carrying their freshly purchased vinyls from Rotate This or Sonic Boom. Sadly, they don't fit in the tote bags so he must proudly carry it on the side. They like shitty beers because shitty beers are cheap and shitty beers are actually fucking good. While not completely defined by their slender frame, they are wearing skinny jeans. They have feelings, and a lot of it too via journal entries in their Moleskine. They're probably studying graphic design and if they've already graduated, they're probably copywriting.

This niche crowd is complex and as pragmatic as his canvas tote bag is, what's inside is a little more convoluted.

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