Saturday, January 10, 2015

tiffany & co. recruits non-models for gay ad

Tiffany & Co., purveyor of fine luxury jewellery for heterosexual people are now campaigning to capitalize on the rising rates of gay marriage. Is society still hung up on marriage? Will You?

Fuck no. dubbed the campaign "groundbreaking". Yes. It is groundbreaking in that a large corporation is championing for gays to get married. What is not so groundbreaking is the ad itself.

The debut ad features a real-life white New York couple who are non-models, but who actually look like models. They're casually hanging out on the brownstone stoop because that it is what real people do. We touch each other at the knees and don't look at each other.

Who wrote that copy? It is cheesy as fuck.

Tiffany & Co. probably doesn't know the protocols in how gay marriage works. I don't know either, but in heterosexual couples, the norm is that the man proposes. There is hierarchy in this ad. There is a height difference between the models. There is rolling of the sleeves. The more elevated model is most likely the one that proposed to the smiling blonde that looked away and pondered...

"I am a bottom and I submit to you, my top."

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