Tuesday, January 13, 2015

what do we think of high-waisted pants?

London Collections: Men just wrapped up yesterday to riveting shows of playful construction and experimentation. Which, is what LC:M is synonymous with and will continue to be as a playground for young designers. From the lego faces at Agi and Sam to the dichotomous Moschino. But what I am most aroused by is the selection of high-waited pants.

The male FUPA lives.

For as long as I have lived on this magnificent planet earth, high-waisted pants have always catered to the female gender. That and slit in pants, but J.W. Anderson covered that for his fall '15 collection. The type of pants that originated from the late 60's to the early 70's are being revived via LC:M and I want part of this cool nouveau club.

The collection above is by Christopher Kane who, for this collection, is playing with geometric shapes and high-waisted pants championing the male FUPA. The collection is smart and the pants are cut just above the ankle meaning Kane was catering to me. Wear to the local supermarket or for shopping high-end furniture. We're not doing belts? Okay, belt are out.

The marvellous Patrick Grant is accustomed to Savile Row tailoring, but the brand E. Tautz is the brand he gets to play with. While he focuses mostly on his outerwear collection with grey hues for fall '15 - I'm choosing to focus on his slouchy high-waisted pants. The looks are tight on the top and big at the bottom. In the gay world, you would normally like to inverse the two. But in E. Tautz's world, he warrants whatever the fuck he wants.

The final destination of high-waisted pants ends at James Long. At James Long, you get the high-waisted variety in a cargo style paired with a distressed patchwork denim jacket. Where do I sign up for this look that I can sport to a trip at Whole Foods?

The powers that be at Zara, do you magic.

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