Wednesday, February 11, 2015

dichotomous shorts, double the fun

You can definitely put me in the category of a person who innately enjoys peacocking his gams come summertime. I am aware of my chicken legs and I flaunt them like I would flaunt my unborn children. The lower the seam, the better, but keep it tasteful. We don't want testicles having their own parade on the streets.

Leave it to Acne Studios to make corduroy nouveau again.

The shorts are deceiving in that you are mislead to believe that the makeup fabric of the shorts are 100% corduroy. It's serious corduroy that you can go to the park and write in your Moleskine about what you saw on Animal Planet the night before or to a cottage getaway in Muskoka. What Muskoka is to Ontario is what The Hamptons is to New York. There's a caveat, though.

While you are a self-sufficient adult with your entry level job in the front, you've succumbed to elementary school realness in the back. Velcro, not just for shoes and that's a good thing. You see, adult life is fucking hard. You have to pay bills, go grocery shopping and shovel the driveway. So why not, invest in dichotomous shorts and live a double life vicariously through your shorts.

The shorts are expensive and the fun is palpable.

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