Tuesday, February 17, 2015

gayletter is your new favourite magazine

I would like to formally file a complaint regarding the temperature outside of my home. The fucking temperature, appropriate for lets say penguins in Antarctica or Bjork in Iceland, is facilitating my unknown ability to become a reclusive bear who hibernates in the winter and avoids all social contact. With that said, I have more leisure to dust my blinds, Clorox the bathtub and survey a gay magazine. This biannual magazine is called GAYLETTER and my curiosity is nostalgic to my curiosity for cock back when I was seventeen.

The gay magazines growing up, like DNA and Attitude, never really attracted any attention from me. They were overtly sexualized, if not actual porn, predominately white and a gay culture I would argue that is feeding off its own stereotypes. I purchased a few out of curiosity growing up and never purchased any more issues after that because of the advancement of the Internet and the magazines were really just fucking terrible shit.

Then, just last spring, I heard about an unorthodox magazine called: Hello Mr. The magazine is "about men who date men", but really it's a magazine for gay men who choose to look beyond gym culture, masculinity and Madonna. In short, an alternative magazine who found a void and filled it because gay culture has matured and blossomed into something beautiful. You could say it's akin to leather, as leather gets older, it looks and feels better with age. There are poetically written stories about travel, editorials with their clothes on (shocker) and you learn to embrace interior design without compromise.

I recently joined Instagram. I know. Tomorrow I'm joining a gym. With perpetual use of Instagram on a daily basis, I am continually being inspired by banal latte art and narcissistic selfies. GAYLETTER appeared out of likes. I analyzed further and I was confounded because I didn't think a magazine like this could exist in today's reality. It's a juxtaposition between Hello Mr. and one of those shitty stereotypical magazines I discussed earlier. It's humanistic, but appreciating of the male form, it's gay, but leaning more towards queer and is artistic and well curated.

Hello Mr. is a little more prudish, where as GAYLETTER is, for lack of a better term, gives zero fucks.


GAYLETTER began in 2008 as a weekly newsletter to help people such as yourself figure out what to do with your free time. Since then the letter has spawned a monthly series titled INTERRACIAL, as well as our straight guide, GUYLETTER edited by Ryan Leahey. In 2014 we launched a printed magazine available for purchase online and at bookstores worldwide. 

GAYLETTER.com contains all the content we wish we could put in the letter each week: interviews, party photos, videos, and much more. Keep checking back with us, we'll be adding new content constantly. 

Tom & Abi.

I currently do not have GAYLETTER in my possession because it is offensively expensive compounded by the international shipping fee. Albeit, I will eventually enter my credit card information on their website come spring because like Tom & Abi said, what else am I going to do with my free time.

Photo: Pupapress.com

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