Thursday, April 2, 2015

oppress women while looking good

If I learned anything from my advertising class from university, it's that the women's market is over-saturated (look what happened to Marc by Marc Jacobs recently) and the men's market is beginning to grow exponentially and readers, that means money.

The Telegraph recently published some numbers and while numbers aren't my forte, the numbers mean something. To break it down in layman's term, men are spending a whole lot of fucking money to look, as Missy Elliot would say, "super dupa fly".

The reason for the spending is pretty clear, men are supposed to give a shit about how they look now. Remember the good ol' simple days when we wore bootcut jeans and didn't throw a care in the world and women were objectified and had to shave their legs. We spent all of our money on golf clubs and whiskey. Well, gentlemen, we're being objectified too now. We're already subtly coerced into how we're supposed to shave our face, diet and manage our selfies on social media.

Fun isn't it? Expensive and exhausting too.

However, you can afford to maintain your sense of style with your $1000 John Lobb's, bespoke suits and tend to your daily grooming needs because we still make more money than women. No longer do we have to look sloppy in ill-fitted 3-piece suits while oppressing women. We can look amazingly dapper while we crush their dreams of becoming CEO's, or the very palpable CFO's.

The growth of menswear is growing exponentially fast that designers and brands want to tap into this pool of gold as soon as they can. For example, Kate Spade released Jack Spade, Tory Burch is looking to follow suit and Proenza Schouler and Victoria Beckham toys with the idea of creating a menswear line. In addition, e-commerce sites like Shopbop created a separate website called East Dane (how heterosexually sounding) and Net-A-Porter brought Mr. Porter to fruition.

It's clear that menswear is having a renaissance with more cuts, prints, textiles, product selection and a very slow transition into womenswear with its goal into androgyny. With that said, how will you gain control of your buying power?

Designers will continue to spew out their latest sketches into manifestation and into retailers, but it's really the consumer who dictates the next trend with their hard earned dollars that they hold in their $130 Alexander McQueen money clip.

Photo: Tommy Ton

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