Wednesday, April 8, 2015

discourse on sustainability

Imran Amed, the founder of The Business of Fashion would like to formally get the discussion flowing on a issue that is facing the fashion industry: sustainability. With the increasing demand of designers forced to spew a few collections a year (resort, pre-spring, courture, fall, etc) and fast fashion retailers have even more pressure to release new clothes weekly, if not daily, then what is our responsibility as the consumer? The fashion industry?

What got me interested about this sustainability dialogue is a quote by Amed in Dansk magazine who he quotes, but doesn't identify who these industry people are, but regardless he purports that "According to some people, fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world."

Taking that quote into effect, I've come to assess my own habits as a consumer and have made concrete plans on sustainability on a micro level. It was at the height of my obsession with fashion in my early twenties - with disposable income - that lead me to falsely believe that I needed to be in possession of everything new and in twenty different colours.

Deep V necks in my early twenties in a myriad of iterations was a big failure on my part. They now work well as layering pieces to avoid pit stains on my investment pieces!

Forward a few years to 2015 and I've come to adopt this elusive mantra my roommate has bestowed on me: buy better, buy less. One that I have contemplated for a while, but have not put into action until now. In his reality, he's allowed to purchase five items a season with unlimited basics. A contradiction I see fault in because unlimited basics is not sustainable, it is reckless.

I've put the notion into practice this season with the caveat of not having the option to purchase infinite basics. But then again, I've amassed a good wardrobe already to afford the luxury of only purchasing five pieces a season. The idea is to build a wardrobe of clothes you can wear again and again and to update your closet with a small sample of pieces a season.

How will you be sustainable and what are your thoughts on leather? I would like to know and so would Stella (we're on a first name basis).

FYI: The 5 Piece Tour commences next week.

My photoshop skills are UNREAL!

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