Friday, August 28, 2015

talk yeezy to me, pretty please

I am having a difficult time comprehending the appeal of the YEEZY Boost sneakers that Kanye West presented for Adidas back in February. I'm frustrated like a Grindr user not being able to find his next fuck.

West, known for his artistry in lyrical content, rapping abilities and his inability to just shut the fuck up, can also add designer to his pedigree. The word designer is loosely applied because Kanye West is not a designer. He is a celebrity who attaches his name to products and reaps all the benefits, while ghost designers are slitting their wrists. Do you think Drake's ghost writers are slitting their wrists too? That's another much publicized convoluted story.

Returning to the YEEZY Boost and analyzing its design aesthetic because I really want to understand the hype from a design perspective and not from a name attached to the brand. Above, West is sporting the YEEZY Boost 350 the day after presenting his collection for Adidas. He looks proud. He looks deadpan. He looks like he has an Ashley Madison account.

The sneaker in design is sleek with its slimming shape. There's a lot of juxtaposition between print, texture and colour, which I am not opposed to, but here, it's a bit passe for me. Not to worry, it comes in many iterations if this doesn't meet your standards. It's a bit pedestrian for me because the sneaker looks like all the other sneakers out there on the market. I'm bored Kanye, I am fucking bored.

The YEEZY sneakers will set you back $200US. Why not invest in a pair of Eysts because 1) they're not sold out and 2) individuality 3) the sole is really thick and it'll add some height to the short folks who desire a little extra push.

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