Sunday, September 13, 2015

dissecting raf simons for adidas, at my leisure

The much hyped about collaboration between Raf Simons and Adidas is now in its fifth season. You know those Stan Smiths with the perforated R in place of the three perforated lines? Yes, those, but more expensive and inaccessible. I have a theory.

The theory is this and I think it's a valid one if you read on. Raf Simons was inspired by dad bod for his latest collaboration with Adidas. Simons celebrates dad bod by making a trendy sneaker that I believe is fitting for every dad bod in North America. Part trendy, part functional. And also truly magical for 20 somethings everywhere looking to drop a few hundred for sneakers.

These Ozweego Robot sneakers are one of the fleet of sneakers for fall/winter 2015. If you're 35 with a beer belly sporting cargo shorts, white calf length socks and Coors in hand, this is the sneaker for you. On the other end of the trendy spectrum, are you a lithe urban art student sporting skinny pants and drinking craft beer? Again, this is for you.

This sneaker is truly hitting all the demographics. Salvatore Ferragammo, take note.

Here is my qualm, and agree or disagree at any point. This shoe is so terribly and fucking ugly that I actually want to purchase a pair and not ironically. Aesthetically, it makes me want to run a 15k run in support of some pressing social issue. At the same time, it's street style ready and it looks comfortable as fuck.

Ask yourself: are you dad bod trendy or just trendy trendy?

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