Saturday, October 24, 2015

sfw, just as cool as nyfw

What exactly do we know about Seoul Fashion Week? According to my taxing research a few minutes ago, precisely nothing. A quick Google search of Me: Yoomi, - a designer I am curious about - leads me to a self-warming baby bottle. That's a great device I could use right now as I am single and could use a warm baby bottle to sleep next to in place of a human body.  

S.F.W.'s website is part English, part Korean and insurmountably minimal. There are designers beginning with numbers, a few actually, and I wonder why aren't designers starting their brand with numbers in the front more in North America. Sure, there's 3.1 Phillip Lim and 99% IS, but what if J.W. Anderson was 24 J.W. Anderson and Alaia was 278*$# Alaia. I'm rebranding the same way Heidi Slimane has rebranded Saint Laurent. 

It seems transparent that S.F.W. is the elusive fashion week that we don't know much about. Albeit, thanks to the conglomerate that is Conde Nast, we have street style photographs to get a sense of exactly what is S.F.W. via the cool kids on the street. 

Seoul street style is notably casual. The kind of casual you would find when you walk into an Opening Ceremony or an Acne Studios brick and mortar. Don't expect anyone to be wearing a suit. Your best accessory is looking at your phone with the possibility that you will be photographed. This is a pretty cool crowd and I wonder what kind of initiation it requires to gain entry. 

Picture 1: I'm thinking about investing in a pink sweatshirt. Not a hot pink sweatshirt, but a powder pink sweatshirt akin to the one above because I'm not much into peacocking on the street. Pair with Yeezus sneakers. Are those Yeezus sneakers? Babe not included.

Picture 2: It's true what they say about millennials - they're tethered to their phones, but they look very trendy. See: trendy fitted wide leg trousers fitting just above the ankle. He's checking Tinder. Does Tinder exist in Korea?

Picture 3: Find cool friends. If you don't have cool friends, hang out on Dundas West to recruit some.

Photos: Vogue

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