Wednesday, November 4, 2015

fall 2015 labels to know: feminism

I am a feminist. I read Jezebel and Salon on a frequent basis and just last month I purchased a book called Men Explain Things to Me. My favourite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer which has many undertones of feminism and I think Girls is - more or less - continuing the discussion. My favourite fictional characters are Candace and Toni from Portlandia. They're a tad radical and it turns me on. I listen to 2 Brown Girl's podcast because feminism is inclusive.

I support pro-choice. I support accessibility to birth control. I support a woman's right to dress however she pleases without unwarranted cat calls. I want to see women in executive positions. I want men to just shut the fuck up when it's not their place.

After all that, I've been told I am still not a feminist.

Let me start by informing you that, my dearest friend, has this image in her mind that feminist practice misandry. I proceeded to inform her that at the root of feminism, it is ultimately about equality for both men and women.

She preferred to label me as more of an egalitarian than a feminist. I was miffed. I'm not the contesting type and I avoid debates because it's not in my nature (typical virgo, I know [I don't believe in astrology]) and somehow, I felt powerless to persuade her. I'm in my late twenties and I have this theory that as you get older, the more difficult it is to change people's views.

If you believe that women deserve to be paid as equal to men, then you are a feminist. If you believe that men can liberally express their emotions without scrutiny, then you are a feminist. If you believe in equality for both men and women, then you are a feminist. If you believe that Proenza Schouler should decrease the price of their PS1, then yes, you are a fucking feminist.

You know who else is a feminist? Justin Trudeau, who's cabinet is made up equally of both men and women. That's palpable or just good fucking PR. But unlike him, I don't have political power.

The question, then, what must I do to prove that I am a feminist?

Quite frankly, I don't need to do anything. Or, I could water board her, but I think she would stop returning my phone calls and potentially end our friendship.

Photo: Arny's Fall 2012 (very sad Illustrator work by yours truly.)

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