Tuesday, December 8, 2015

the neckerchief proposal

This is a formal proposal. Not the kind of proposal where the guy bends on his knees and his boyfriend says yes. Fucking gross. This proposal is going to be a hit or shit on my personal style. I am proposing the neckerchief. Instead of applying it at my own accord, I am asking you if it's chiefly me or not.

I normally don't like to ask for advice from anyone other than myself because I am relatively confident with my personal style. I didn't ask for advice when I recently butchered my jeans to look like a piece from Vetements. I for sure didn't have to ask for advice when I wore a sweater over a turtleneck with the aforementioned DIY's. If you critically think about it, those looks are not very forward. Borderline Everlane safe, really.

However, to push the boundaries of my personal style, I have been percolating the neckerchief to complement my pedestrian looks. The piece itself is very accessible. I purchased a 100% cotton - can you believe it, no you can't - bandana at the local dollar store. For $1.50, I purchased style and you can too. You can neckerchief it, you can wrap it around your wrist and when you're done with all the above, you can use it to wipe your shit.

Question: neckerchief?

Photo: the Internet, sorry.

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