Saturday, December 26, 2015

you don't have to play basketball to wear basketball sneakers

It's officially winter and if climate change has any say in any of this, it's that the current weather is conducive to summer footwear. They say three's a trend and I am going to confirm that you will see copious amounts of people sporting basketball sneakers. These people don't play basketball. They play basketball.

I've been in the sneaker game since my childhood of playing tag in the field of my elementary school. Sneaker goals developed into my teen years with Dashboard Confessional approved Converse's. That was the apex of my eczema and therefore I got all the dates with all the babes. Then I hit my early 20's and sneakers were almost alien, like wine to a 19 year old. I hate to admit it, but I was really into to oxfords and have yet to define my style so I looked like a skater boi in oxford shoes.

I have this theory that I am really, really excellent at predicting men's trends. I don't want to humble brag what I have predicted in the past, but it has essentially defined the zeitgeist of the '10's and the next 4 years of it, if that makes any sense. With that kind of pedigree to defend my status as a "digital influencer" (see: 130 followers on Instagram), I forecast a trend for 2016: basketball sneakers.

You don't have to play basketball to wear basketball sneakers. The same way you don't have to practice yoga to sport athleisure. Then, who are these basketball sneakers for? You can get my default response like 20 somethings in the city and exclusive Hypebeast readers, but these sneakers have a real, authentic audience. This audience you ask? Retired basketball coaches who recently came out of the closet because all that pent up testosterone is now being projected to luxury casual basketball sneakers.

Consider the Reebok variety if you were born in the 70's. Look to French label AMI to juxtapose some colour to the all white basketball sneakers. They are quite beautiful and have a Balenciaga-esqe vibe to them that I can't shake off. Common Projects makes a beautiful basketball sneaker if you're growing bored of the ubiquitous Achilles. Lastly, my favourite, Golden Goose's version that's part functional and part street style ready and because it's already distressed, you can play basketball and get them dirty and just not care if it does stain.

Who wants to watch Love & Basketball?

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