Saturday, January 9, 2016

is j.w. anderson and grindr on brand?

Collaborations are a beautiful thing that births fresh ideas. There's the high-low designer collaborations that should inevitably die soon to it being so passe. Then there's two of my favourite food groups, pizza and poutine providing all the nutrients in one caloric meal. There was also the very short-lived, premature ejaculation that was Mr. Porter x The Fat Jewish and due to really good P.R., it slowly slipped away under our feet.

Currently, I am confounded by the amalgamation that is Grindr x J.W. Anderson for London Collections: Men. Everyone is talking about it, but no one is talking about it.

After much taxing research from The New York Times, Dazed, Fader and OUT, the general consensus has been relatively positive. This news elicits a new and fresh idea that fashion ultimately craves season after season. But my question, akin to Mr. Porter x The Fat Jewish, is this collaboration on brand?

J.W. Anderson is a young British fashion designer championing non-binary clothing. His garments are unorthodox in the sense that he playfully blurs the line between masculine and feminine. He has the ability to manufacture not new cuts, but new cuts for men that were often reserved for womenswear. A mock neck t-shirt with a little draping around the waist from spring 2013, a pair of flirty shorts you could mistaken for labia folds from fall 2013, some chunky heels for his spring 2014 show, to name a few. You can almost say that his brand is gender fluid for the non-conformist consumer.

Grindr, where do I begin with her. Is that the correct pronoun? It's a location based app for gay men looking to find love in all the wrong places. Essentially, its your next fuck and quite often it works if you follow the algorithm. Though, in juxtaposition to Anderson, Grindr is a lot more conservative like Stephen Harper where as Anderson is the ever liberal Justin Trudeau we all know to love.

The men on this hook up app are homophobic. They're looking for other "straight-acting" men because what the fuck does that even mean? Feeling femme? Don't even think about sporting J.W. Anderson in your profile picture because that's just not what the majority of the users are looking for. Sadly, homophobia exits in a community that prides itself on inclusivity.

If J.W. Anderson is questioning the notion of gender and Grindr is set on "masc-for-masc", what kind of fucking collaboration is this?

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