Sunday, February 14, 2016

how to be young again

Let's go back to last year because we all like reminiscing on the past, like what happened to our 20's or what actually happened to Marissa Cooper in Tijuana. While all your friends were consumed by the omnipresent - and overrated - Yeezy collection, you were lusting over Gosha Rubchinskiy's fall 2015 collection.

Don't worry, spring 2016 is permeating the Internet.

The thing about the Internet is that it moves fast. In terms of speed, that's both good and bad. We like speed when we want to stream Beyonce's Formation video on 1080p. However, when it comes to Rubchinskiy's collection, we all know those accessibly priced t-shirts -at $95CAD- are going to be sold out. The fact is, they are sold out and that leaves you wanting a piece of the brand by purchasing $40 socks you don't want because brand, culture and belonging.

Gosha Rubchinkskiy is a relatively young brand having shown only four collections. His eponymous label is defined, in my own words, as Russia's youth sub-culture-cum-skater street wear. It's kind of a mixed bag, but it's true to its brand. The clothing itself is nothing experimental or cutting edge. There are a plethora of branded t-shirts, tank tops and polyester jackets walking down the spring runway. But the branding, man.

There are three things that the brand resonates with me: wearability, price point and branding. The aforementioned pieces, for spring '16 for example, can be effortlessly worn. You can simply create a strong angsty look with the muscle tank, camouflage shorts and a brooding facial expression. The price point is strategically priced. It gives you a sense of exclusivity at $95 for a t-shirt, but also accessibility at that price point. Jackets can reach the $600 mark making you feel like you purchased Givenchy or Lanvin.

The branding, where do I even start? To begin, it's ultimately conveying a youthful rebellion presence. It's purported to be targeted for post-1991 youth from Russia. That would not make me their target demographic, as I would essentially be the old person purchasing the sports sedan, but I can dream. His models are ordinary people working or are passionate about the creative mediums: photography, film, etc. Rubchinkskiy picks his models via the Internet and casts them on the runway or in campaigns. Astonishing. That means, one day, I could be the face of Gosha Rubchinkskiy when birds fall from the sky and Amy Winehouse comes back to life. Ultimately, the brand represents freedom, liberty and self-expression. With that, I can get ride along with (in my new sports sedan).

Photo: Gosha Rubchinkskiy

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