Friday, March 18, 2016

what girls is teaching us about our sexual position

There is this profound designer that everyone is perpetually talking about because of his blatant agenda to change the purportedly broken fashion cycle. The brand in question is Vetements. Sounds like some fancy French word, but the translation is clothing. The clothes are products. Which is true. The clothes are kind of ugly. Which is subjective. The clothes are versatile. The women's collection, with its oversized and cumbersome silhouettes, is desired by the opposite sex.

The latest episode of Girls sees a glimpse of Jessa's academic pursuits as she is earnestly involved in her studies, but finds herself in a convoluted predicament with Adam. Bad sex, like Vetements, is subjective. Marnie is being fucking Marnie. Hannah uses the word cunt to address a broken friendship, appropriately in context. Hannah is not championing proper English. The most important scene that has the ability to transgress stereotypes is the sex scene between Elijah and Dill.

What is Girls saying about gays and their versatility?