Friday, August 19, 2016

brands you should know: tonsure

Tonsure is that enigmatic young brand that doesn't have a large online presence on the Internet and social media. Therefore, it's hard to gage what Tonsure's ethos is and I have to assume it's some kitchen appliance making fantastic paninis. As many young brands come to fruition, the art of brand storytelling is part of the taxing process that every brand must endure.

I have been able to search far and wide for limited content, but the brand is still missing some rich stories. But, Tonsure's aesthetics has had the capacity to tell a narrative based on their designs alone. Their 26 looks for AW16 alludes casual luxury without the help of Vanessa Friedman or Tim Blanks.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

what's old is new again

Toronto is still reaching peak shorts and t-shirt weather in August. Normally during month 08, it's inevitable that you would be permanently tethered to a light sweater and have already planned who you'll be Netflix and Chilling with during the winter. There is still time to sport shorts of any variety to t-shirts of your liking and occasionally you can wear a tank top, but I don't advise it due to ageism and the ID effect.