Wednesday, August 10, 2016

what's old is new again

Toronto is still reaching peak shorts and t-shirt weather in August. Normally during month 08, it's inevitable that you would be permanently tethered to a light sweater and have already planned who you'll be Netflix and Chilling with during the winter. There is still time to sport shorts of any variety to t-shirts of your liking and occasionally you can wear a tank top, but I don't advise it due to ageism and the ID effect.

Now that you've mentally planned for the remainder of what will officially be known as Drake and Abra Summer '16, you can now begin to mentally prepare for What's Old is New Again Fall '16.

Take a look at the glorious image above that is styled by SSENSE. The brand is Off White and the stripes are its signature look like gasoline is to Shell. It features fashions ubiquitous fashion item: frayed denim. Trending items normally last a season or two, consider the Birkenstocks and Celine's Luggage Tote.

This item is good to last you until the end of winter, but that's it. You can store it in a vacuum sealed plastic bag until it resurges in 2021 when Snapchat is dead because we all have carpal tunnel syndrome. But this look is as hot as the Toronto weather and the signature stripe is, what fashion people call fresh.

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