Friday, August 19, 2016

brands you should know: tonsure

Tonsure is that enigmatic young brand that doesn't have a large online presence on the Internet and social media. Therefore, it's hard to gage what Tonsure's ethos is and I have to assume it's some kitchen appliance making fantastic paninis. As many young brands come to fruition, the art of brand storytelling is part of the taxing process that every brand must endure.

I have been able to search far and wide for limited content, but the brand is still missing some rich stories. But, Tonsure's aesthetics has had the capacity to tell a narrative based on their designs alone. Their 26 looks for AW16 alludes casual luxury without the help of Vanessa Friedman or Tim Blanks.

The duo that make up Tonsure are two men by the name of Malte Flagstad and Adam El-Zayat Hjorth. Malte Flagstad was a former Maison Martin Margiela designer and MA Central Saint Martins graduate. While Tonsure is aesthetically not as unorthodox at Margiela, the attention to details is unparalleled.

The brand was founded in 2013 in Scandinavia and launched a full collection for AW14. That is all we know and I am sorry that my research skills are unable to satisfy your millennial need for instant knowledge. The brand has been very prominent in Japan and has had difficulty finding exposure beyond the aforementioned country until they won the DANSK Design Talent - Magasin Award. The award allowed Tonsure to expand beyond the confines of the small island and into Scandinavia where it was founded.

AW16 tells a melancholic story with shades of charcoal grey permeated throughout the collection. The greys were often juxtaposed with either a darker shade of grey or black. The looks are Russian inspired with fur detailing and clean minimal lines.

Beyond the greys and the blacks, sky blue and neutral tones take precedent. Looks 9 and 13 are two of my favourites that stand out amongst the darker colours. Look 9 is that ubiquitous street style look that replaces those obnoxious rip jeans and Iron Maiden t-shirts for a smart look to your video editing job at an intimate advertising agency.

Look 13 is the definition and ethos of Tonsure. In my educated opinion anyway. The sky blue suede jacket with fur detailing is giving Acne Studios some competition. The combination works so well that as much as I hate to say it, it feels fresh and forward beyond the sea of black that surrounds Toronto.

Their AW16 collection is their strongest to date with the DNA of a modern Dries Van Noten with minimalism aesthetic that brings casual luxury to new levels of high and low brow. The Tonsure man is confident, defined and is not afraid to play around with print. He is rich and I need his number.

Photo: Tonsure

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