Thursday, October 6, 2016

connotations behind the poses

Does fashion take itself too seriously? That's relative.

Does men's fashion take itself too seriously. Define serious.

Have a drink with me and we can chat.

I'm not involved in the fashion world, but I am involved in the fashion world. I read fashion magazines like Another Man, DANSK and CR Fashion Book at the book store because I can't afford to take it home with me. I engaged in all 68 slides of the Dries Van Noten spring 2017 looks that cements that mustard yellow is thee colour to invest in. If you are still not convinced, I tattooed Moschino on my left testicle which is quite the testament to having a passion for fashion.

Are you having a laugh? Because I just made fashion fun again. But why is it so difficult for me to search through the Internet to find a men's blogger/writer that doesn't take himself seriously. I find that the majority of the popular bloggers are more defined by advertisements and brand sponsorship than blogging at their own accord with original thought.

I could be wrong. I could one day sell out and start sponsoring Lovehoney Anal Douches.

In the saturated sea of men's style bloggers, why are the poses so hyper-masculine? Even the blatant homosexuals are hyper-masculine. They often allude to pedestrian poses like the one walking really fast behind the denizens of a metropolitan, tricking you that he's buttoning up his business casual blazer (when really it has already been buttoned) and will say something like "I have a membership to SoHo House and I love Starbucks."

Or, there's the style blogger that holds his iPhone 7 Plus while hanging out in his favourite coffee shop pretending to look coy. We know no one is on the other end of that phone. We'll let it slide if you are calling for instructions on how to use Lovehoney's Anal Douches.

The year is 2016 and I think the men's fashion blogging community is ready for a renaissance.

When is men's fashion ready for humour?

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