Wednesday, November 30, 2016

is this trend for you: orange toque

It’s a frustrating time right now because of all the fucking bullshit sales clouding my judgment and my email inbox. I did find clothing and shoes online that I did want to purchase, but purchase I did not because the sales don't benefit me, it benefits the corporations. I purchased groceries instead with the majority of them fruit benefiting my bowels!

When I had to go explore the world to purchase persimmons and pineapples, I stumbled upon a trend. And I am really good at spotting trends because Toronto makes it so damn easy for me. The trend is easy. It’s not fussy or contrived. It’s the orange beanie, hat, or colloquially speaking in Canada, the toque.

It works for really pale people or with a darker tone, but for myself, there’s a higher chance that I would get pregnant than sport this trend. The orange toque (because I am Canadian) originated from the sport of hunting. I don’t know where it hypothetically started, but that’s a good place to start. If you strip away all the printed branches off the jackets and pants, you are left with an orange toque.

The orange toque is very stated, vivacious and attention seeking. Not to be worn by someone who lacks ambition, drinks chamomile tea or shops at Le Chateau. This is for you if you ride a fixed gear bike, drinks coffee at 12PM (trust fund child or unemployed folks) and owns copious Supreme stickers.

I noticed that the orange toque is best paired with a minimalist outfit with a luxury feel. Think long wool coats below the knees and above the ankles. Preferably with trousers and not jeans. A cozy wool sweater, maybe add a turtleneck. Ideally, the outfit is monochromatic with dark greys, potentially black if you play your cards right to avoid looking like you’re still stuck in October.

It has been reasonably warm this fall and now is the time to sport your orange toque with your jacket open like the world if your runway. It is also getting cold soon, so look stylish when you take your date skating next week. Might I suggest these. Nutshell. Dickies. Obey. Acne Studios.

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