Monday, December 5, 2016

why aren't you wearing this: sunnei

Youth brands come and go in the fashion industry. Sometimes they create interest by consumers, but after a few seasons, their longevity is questionable.

What is the definition of youth? The definition is relative from whom you ask and what country you’re from. In North America, the young people of today are treated like children with no employment in sight. In Scandinavia, they’re treated like adults using words like precocious and saying things like, “I’ll have a cold brew to stay.”

Sunnei is a young brand, with its age and image. But what separates Sunnei from other young brands is that the Sunnei customer is transitioning into adulthood. Look at those buttons, though.

Sunnei was created by Loris Messina and Simon Rizzo looking to challenge what it means dress effortlessly cool. From spring/summer 2015 to fall/winter 2016, Sunnei has a pragmatic approach to designing. Clean lines, subdued prints and exceptional execution of nuanced details. With its fw 16 collection, that means an abundant of black and white, a drop of forest green and two head-to-toe gingham looks for good measure.

The first gingham look is of the larger variety and big enough to be spotted from the next galaxy over. Can be worn together or separately with dark denim. The smaller gingham is chef-esque friendly, if that’s your thing. But the pay is shit, really.

Where is the Sunnei customer going this season?

He’s skateboarding across the street to a coffee shop, but he’s also finishing his masters in criticism and curatorial practice at art school. Remember, the Sunnei customer is transitioning into adulthood, once graduated, he’s moving on to Gucci and The Row and selling his Instagram account with 120K followers for a home in Bushwick.

Good news if you have all that masculine money, they're on sale at SSENSE, SOOP SOOP and Opening Ceremony.

One extra photo for your pleasure: these soon-to-be Bushwick homeowners looking cooool. 

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