Thursday, January 12, 2017

in the moment: fashion people

The relevance of street style is just as important as the shows off the runway. They both have messages to convey, one via a creative team and one by the individual. Undoubtedly, one influences the other and the lines get blurred about who influences who.

Street photography is cool, but do you ever wonder what the fuck they are actually saying when they get their photographs taken? I would like to know the dialogue. Are you talking about American politics? What the latest health food trend is? The interview between Solange and Beyonce?

Well, if you click below, I did some investigative research into the minds of fashion people in what they were thinking in that moment.

As you've guessed above, they were talking about J.W. Anderson. Farthest on the left, "I am wearing J.W. Anderson." Second from the right, "me too!" Woman, "I think you two should leave my personal space."

Thursday, January 5, 2017

wide leg trousers featuring louis rubi

There’s a saying out there that if you really appreciate someone’s personal style, you should write about it. The saying is repeated somewhere in Latvia. Or in today’s modern time, the liking of every photo they post. Want to know more? The usefulness of the Internet allows for Incognito Mode for real world RCMP-level stealthy creep.

The Internet is dry like the Sahara and I still don’t know who Louis Rubi is.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

pantone's missed opportunity: soft pink

I consider my closet relatively low-risk for experimentation. It’s rather formulaic and predictable, just the way I like it because I reserve my headaches for technology and not my wardrobe. I am almost reaching 5 years in Toronto in the spring and I have become what I wish wouldn’t happen to me. My closet has become a place for people to shop for funerals.

Try something new for 2017!