Thursday, January 12, 2017

in the moment: fashion people

The relevance of street style is just as important as the shows off the runway. They both have messages to convey, one via a creative team and one by the individual. Undoubtedly, one influences the other and the lines get blurred about who influences who.

Street photography is cool, but do you ever wonder what the fuck they are actually saying when they get their photographs taken? I would like to know the dialogue. Are you talking about American politics? What the latest health food trend is? The interview between Solange and Beyonce?

Well, if you click below, I did some investigative research into the minds of fashion people in what they were thinking in that moment.

As you've guessed above, they were talking about J.W. Anderson. Farthest on the left, "I am wearing J.W. Anderson." Second from the right, "me too!" Woman, "I think you two should leave my personal space."

"Please stop taking photos of me, but also please keep taking photos of me because this clutch is trying to send a message. I just want to go to the next show in peace, but still exert a little PSA, if you don't mind."

"I hope the photographer thinks I'm not actually being serious with my Vetements shirt. This Moschino spring 16 faux "Windex" phone case will allude I clean up well."

"I'm actually just trying to get to the grocery store."

*Texting boyfriend*

"I think we should have a threesome tonight. Also, do you want to order Thai? Actually, we should not have Thai if we're going to have a threesome. Do you think the Loewe clutch completed my look? Okay, fuck it. Order Thai and cancel the threesome because I have to be up early for Wales Bonner."

Man in Canadian Tuxedo:

"You have the same haircut as me. But mine is parted in the middle. Also, wasn't there a PSA about smoking being really, really bad."

Man not sporting the Canadian Tuxedo:

"This chocolate milk, though."

*Getting dressed before leaving the house*

"I want to look masculine, but fashionable, but still masculine like I know how to eat pussy real good. These camo trousers say 'I know how to eat pussy' and the Gucci belt and hat says 'I know fashion very, very well' and the polo balances out the misogyny of the pants and the puffer coat is for good measure. All right, I think I am ready to leave the house, for fashion."

Photos: Vogue and New York Mag

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