Tuesday, January 3, 2017

pantone's missed opportunity: soft pink

I consider my closet relatively low-risk for experimentation. It’s rather formulaic and predictable, just the way I like it because I reserve my headaches for technology and not my wardrobe. I am almost reaching 5 years in Toronto in the spring and I have become what I wish wouldn’t happen to me. My closet has become a place for people to shop for funerals.

Try something new for 2017!

Once upon a time, in a suburban city not far from Toronto, I wore colour. I do have colour in my closet, but lately they have been subjected to middle-child syndrome, collecting dust and other unjust things. The colours I do own are considered masculine. There’s a touch of green, a little bit of red and a plethora of blue.

I wonder, why haven’t I ventured to other colours. Is it my lack of adventure? My inability to withdraw from the denizens of Toronto who just don black? Pantone states that greenery is the colour of 2017. But I contest, because soft pink is the colour of 2017, said this guy.

Green is nice. But soft pink is cool.

Gone are the days of gender normative colours. 2017 is looking optimistic from the hell hole that was 2016. Fashion mirrors society and culture, and 2017 is looking to be fluid in wardrobe colours. Or it could revert back to black because of Trump becoming America's president.

There is something special about men who sport soft pink. As the colour is generally associated with little girls and basic bitches, it takes a man who is confident with his sexuality. But, the year is 2017 and real confidence would show from wearing a skirt, high heels or maybe a corset.

In the spirit of a new year and Canada turning 150, if that matters to you, try adding a touch of pink to your wardrobe. I guarantee it will give you the non-chalant cool factor you've been craving for. It will be a testament to increased self-actualization. I think (not?).

This Acne Studio pullover is excellent for trips to the aquarium. Also by Acne Studios, because soft pink is just their forte right now, this dreamy Canada scarf. Lastly, Common Projects makes excellent soft pink shoes. Just try not to look like a douche bag who copywrites for a mid-sized independent ad-agency.

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