Thursday, January 5, 2017

wide leg trousers featuring louis rubi

There’s a saying out there that if you really appreciate someone’s personal style, you should write about it. The saying is repeated somewhere in Latvia. Or in today’s modern time, the liking of every photo they post. Want to know more? The usefulness of the Internet allows for Incognito Mode for real world RCMP-level stealthy creep.

The Internet is dry like the Sahara and I still don’t know who Louis Rubi is.

Louis Rubi is “having fun with it,” according to his Instagram profile. Having fun with what Rubi? Having a well curated wardrobe? Having fun creating an inspirational Instagram feed? Are you having fun with gonorrhea? Gelato? Both? Regardless, I can see from the images that you post, that fun is explored through inspirational images and outfit posts in beautiful places. Organic, really.

His feed isn’t convoluted or difficult to decipher. It features editorials and outfit posts in relaxed and simple separates, but comes together that alludes looking easy is actually easy. I am well aware as an adult that looking easy takes a few hours out of my day and a bottle of wine.

Wide leg trousers just grazing the ground are his trousers of choice. They’re often paired with a coat just a few inches above his pants. In theory, it should look sloppy via the days of the Olsen twins moving to New York City, but the ease to which Louis carries his clothes exemplifies that he is wearing them and not the other way around.

Everything is oversized, but proportionally correct. And always paired with the right shoes, from Margiela’s Replica to Loewe’s classic sneakers, Mr. Rubi always does it right.

Again, I still don’t know who you are. I can’t find your LinkedIn. Your name doesn’t appear when I Google “LOUIS RUBI FASHION” and I am just frustrated because I want that gingham Sunnei outfit. I will presume that Louis Rubi, if that is your real name, is a senior architect with a penchant for nice clothes.

Accepting donations of your gently used clothes and shoes.

Do you like my janky Photoshop skills?

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