Monday, March 6, 2017

cargo pants become political

Last week, Trump gave a speech about something probably important. Maybe it was something he doesn't have authority on. Perhaps it was on proper hair crop rotation and retention guidelines. In a sea of ill-fitted suits and polyester ties, there were Democratic women lawmakers dressed in white. The white apparel was a symbol of solidarity for women's rights.

Fashion does have cultural relevance and political statements without any discourse.

Not everyone was happy about women in white showing support for basic women's issues. Old white person Kevin Cramer, Republican congressman from North Dakota, had some comments about women showing support for women. He stated that they were "poorly dressed" and donned "bad-looking pant suits."

Cramer, neauveau fashion critic, is a fan of cargo pants.

The last time I wore cargo pants was when I was living in suburbia and sleeping in my parent's basement trying to figure myself out. Cramer is probably doing the same thing.

As he is trying to figure himself out in his cargo pants, he is able to carry a plethora of objects in those deep, deep pockets. A diary, a glitter pen, a dildo, lube and a burner phone. All the necessary tools for online shopping for more cargo pants.

If you decide to weigh in on fashion, I suggest you burn evidence of said cargo pants and maybe just don't put your two cents on issues that don't apply to you.

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