Thursday, April 13, 2017

molly goddard wants you to wear colour

Up-and-coming British designer Molly Goddard has a few words about colour in a recent interview with SSENSE. What is blatant about Goddard is that she is not afraid of colour. Browsing through her spring 2017 collection, her use of fluorescent on tulle is a statement that colour is defining her brand.

When asked about black or grey, Goddard responds with "I’m just always drawn to color. If you can use it, why not use it? I get miserable sometimes when you walk down the street and everyone is wearing either black or navy or grey. People are surprised by pops of color, and I wish it was kind of the other way around."

With that kind of sartorial insight, I question my personal taste and that of the denizens of the city I live in. To keep it simple, Toronto is cloaked in black. It's simple, easy and enigmatic. But often conforming. It would be nice to live year-round in a Katy Perry video like California Girls, but I think that might drive everyone insane, including Katy Perry herself.

As spring begins to blossom, ask yourself, what would Molly Goddard wear? She may not wear a lot of black and white, but when she does, it's in print form. And when it's colour, she's often swinging for the fences. These are good, if not great tips. Take note!

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