Monday, May 1, 2017

i only speak casual (shoes)

When I construct an outfit in my head, I always start from the bottom up. I begin with a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, a top (or not, whatever your lifestyle) and conclude with a bag, usually a $3 canvas tote from Muji. The last time I got dressed, I chose from my selection of shoes and came to the realization that I exclusively own casual shoes.

I'm an adult. But a poor adult with a limited supply of shoes.

These casual shoes are the type you wear on a day off, to get coffee, to get tested for drugs or an STI - that kind of casual. Not running shoes, and not shoes you wear to the higher Gods. Over the years of living in Toronto, casual footwear have become the norm for my walking/biking lifestyle. I don't even know what brogues are (I do). I questioned if my limited selection of shoes affects the evolution of style.

Would my outfit look completely different, if say, I substituted sneakers for mules, oxfords or sandals. I wouldn't know because I have been trapped in this notion that outfits are casual.

The world has seen a more relaxed approach to how we dress for daily life, this includes the workplace too. All of a sudden, it was okay to sport a pair of Stan Smith's to write the LSAT and a Hane's t-shirt to secure venture capital.

I am not saying we revert back, but apply the evolution of casualness and apply some new rules. Who says brogues can't be casual? There is, of course, the pertinent debate of comfort. Conclude that you should wear what supports your lifestyle, but support the idea that society changes and casual sneakers will one day be replaced with hoverboards.

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