Monday, May 8, 2017

the unibrow's purpose in society

The progression of manscaping has been relentlessly overwhelming from beauty brands. Like when your work compounds one another and all of a sudden you don't know how to prioritize which project to start first. That's just how I feel about a recent article published by the The New York Times. Albeit, it is the antithesis of current of men's beauty trends: the unibrow.

I am undecided.

If you read through the brisk article, accompanied by copious testimonials, the conclusion is that the consensus on the unibrow is open to interpretation. More of a reporting on the fact that the unibrow has the potential to become something more. Kind of like how three's a trend.

The men here grow their unibrow organically. None of them are purchasing pencils or going for microblading procedures. As for me, I can't grow a unibrow to save my life. I can't even grow facial hair to reach full masculinity. But that's subjective.

In retrospect, no one would have taken a second look if a man was sporting the unibrow. It was part of the masculinity branding, in addition to cargo shorts. Now we're coerced and suggested to participate in an activity to groom ourselves beyond comprehension. I don't even own hair gel. I also don't have hair. Sort of.

The elusive unibrow, whether you agree or disagree, has potential for staying power. Perhaps, it's the next evolution in men's beauty trends, one step at a time.

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