Friday, June 30, 2017

is an americano worth more than $3

This iced Americano is from Capital and they only charged me $2.25! Originally $3.25!

Everybody has a morning routine. The general population wakes up, brushes their teeth, drinks coffee and subsequently takes a big shit. Coffee is considered the most important step in the majority of people’s morning regimen to wake up like a sane, coherent person. While it’s relatively affordable to make coffee at home, how much are you willing to pay for coffee at your local coffee shop?

How much is too much?

I’ve considered purchasing an espresso machine on a few occasions because of my casual consumption of coffee. Not daily, but an Americano + tip (however generous) can add up quite quickly. But with the purchase of an espresso machine, I would have to forfeit one of my favourite past times and that’s going to coffee shops. So I did what any millennial would do and not purchase an espresso machine and continue to purchase experiences at coffee shops.

Every coffee shop has its only little nuances that separates it from other coffee shops. Not only in terms of culture, but also in terms of cost. I have compiled a list of coffee shops and prices of their Americano to investigate if the cost is worth it.

Capital Espresso in Parkdale is young, hip and a place to be seen. You can buy stickers, too, if that’s your thing. This coffee shop claims to have Wi-Fi, but it has never actually worked for me. The beans are from Phil & Sebastian and I can only describe coffee as good or bad and it’s good! An Americano will set you back $3.25 and doesn’t cost extra to add ice. Sure, I will pay $3.25!

I discovered a new coffee shop in Parkdale called Jinks Art Factory. I was on my way to Roncy (it’s what the cool kids call it), but as I am an adventurer, I thought I would test the waters with this one. I ordered an iced Americano not knowing the price and as I was paying, he said it cost me $3.75 + $0.25 interac fee + $0.50 tip. That’s $4.50 for an iced Americano. I could only imagine would I could have bought for $4.50. I don’t care that you used coffee ice cubes. The coffee was good, but would I return? No. I did capitalize on the Wi-Fi to justify the price.

There are a plethora of coffee shops in Toronto per block than what is necessary and I could keep going, but I don’t want to bore you. I lived in Kensington for the first year I moved to Toronto. It was an exciting time where I drank alcohol excessively and slowly I became a coffee snob. I lived next to Cafe Pamenar. The Americano was affordable, at $2.62 + tip it was basically free. But if you add ice, that was a $0.50 charge. The coffee shop is asking me to pay for frozen water! That’s $2.62 + $0.50 + tip. That is almost $4.00 for an iced Americano. The only reason I continue to frequent this place is because they sell alcohol and they have great patios. Plural! One in the front and one in the back.

What I have concluded is that coffee is delicious and expensive. It should be treated as a luxury item like a jacket from Craig Green. The logic behind an Americano worth more than $3.00 still confounds me, but it pulls me in every fucking time. You can say it’s worth it if you station yourself at the coffee shop, people watch, download as many files on their Wi-Fi and stretch your Americano until the cows come home.

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