Tuesday, June 27, 2017

sale is here and here are 5 items under $237

It's Tuesday and summer officially arrived last week, but it hasn't actually arrived. I say this because I am still wearing pants five out of the seven days of the week, there has only been ONE heat warning and just the other day I ordered an Americano. Not iced, just regular, piping hot coffee enough to burn my tongue and possibly cook ramen noodles.

However, the only good news to align with summer solstice is SALE SEASON! The season of sale!

As you know, the time between the end of May to June is when your favourite brand/retailer puts all their ugly shit that doesn't sell on sale. I know this because I worked in retail for eight years. It could be different for other retailers, but this is my experience working in fast fashion.

Today, I present to you five items that are on sale and under $237 at SSENSE! The luxurious e-tailer of Canadian e-commerce. The product is the experience. This is how I am selling it to you. You need every item to experience other experiences.

This white shirt is part high school uniform, part I just graduated from arts school. Either way, it's versatile, minimal and great at showcasing coffee stains. If you want to keep jobs in America, buy this shirt because that's where it was made. Fanmail, $237.

I have this theory that I am too old for denim shorts. These denim shorts however question that theory. I want these shorts. I want to live in these shorts. Did you ever wonder why pants/shorts are plural? A.P.C., $191.

This hat is beige. It goes with everything and anything. AMI, $107.

Stella McCartney's first collection was good and now it's on sale! Tomorrow spelled with flowers is better than spelled without flowers. Stella McCartney, $149.

These shoes are the new boat shoes. Boat shoes are ugly and these provide real authenticity to living in the city and next to the harbour. If you want to be taken seriously, but also show that you are fun at the same time in regards to contrast, these belong to you! At 60% off, it's basically free regardless if you need them or not. Acne Studios, $220.

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