Monday, September 25, 2017

this calvin klein hoodie is all i can think about right now


Have you checked the temperature lately? It’s hot. Thirty nine degrees hot. Hot is actually an understatement. It’s scorching. It’s brutal and armpit stains are my latest accessories. I could cook an egg on the pavement if I wanted to. But I choose not to out of cleanliness and practicality.

As I am looking forward to the temperature dropping a few degrees this week, and yes I will miss those sweaty armpits, I am deciding what I want to wear for fall. At this very moment, I want this grey hoodie by Calvin Klein 205W39NYC.

The relationship between the hoodie and myself dates back to childhood. The hoodie was the epitome of my personal style and I can speak for other teenagers (I am the voice of my generation) as well. I made my teenage suburban self so happy because I thought I was ahead of the times.

After graduating high school, I made a commitment to never wear a hoodie again. As an Asian person entering my 30’s, I often get confused for a 14 year old teenager. The hoodie’s connotation just confirms this notion when I sport one. Therefore, no more hoodies!

Enter Calvin Klein by Raf Simons. Which has been modified to Calvin Klein 205W39NYC. This change represents to customers that a new creative director has entered, sort of. A media release works as well. This is akin to Heidi Slimane dropping the Yves in Yves Saint Laurent.

Ultimately, a hoodie is a hoodie. You can buy one in Chinatown for $10 or you purchase the Calvin Klein iteration for $350. The way in which the Calvin Klein hoodie has been styled is so effortlessly pragmatic. A turtleneck under a hoodie. FEELS NEW, RIGHT??? I don’t know how I never thought of this before. It makes me want to break this commitment to not ever donning hoodies again.

Since I don’t have $350 and because I have $10 (and some), I will be searching for a loose grey hoodie in Chinatown.

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